Helping non-profits achieve more and to connect more people to nature.

Do these statements sound familiar?

“Our non-profit has such an important mission, so much to do, and such scarce resources that sometimes it feels like our dedicated team and board is stuck.”

“There are opportunities for our non-profit to work across sectors, such as racial justice and climate change, but how do we make progress in a sector we do not know well?”

“Our non-profit has talented individuals and good partners but we do not always see eye-to-eye as a team.”

City Greener Strategies can help.

We are a boutique strategic planning, action planning, and facilitation consulting firm that believes in the power of inspirational, measurable, co-created plans to elevate the impact of small- to medium-sized non-profits and project teams. We also believe in the power of combining people and nature in our work as a way to address racial injustice and the climate crisis.

We offer these services and are excited to work with you.

Actionable Strategic Planning: Co-create inspiring, measurable objectives that attract resources and organize your team’s work.

Measurable and Adaptable Action Planning: Prioritize tactics that make a difference in your community, aligned with your strategic goals.

Objective and Engaging Facilitation: Find new areas for partnership, and identify shared ways of collaborating.

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