City Greener Strategies Facilitation Approach

In addition to our many years of facilitation practice we have learned from some forward-thinking professionals about best practices in inclusion, conflict resolution, and adaptation such as these thought leaders:

Interaction Institute for Social Change

The IISC’s unique training, Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work, dives deep into practical methods for having difficult conversations about race and among participants of various backgrounds.

Conservation Coaches Network

Hundreds of expert conservation planners and facilitators from around the world share some of the finest details behind managing a group conversation of all kinds. CCNet offers practical tips about conflict resolution, follow-up, and even managing energy levels. Best practices are shared in-person at bi-annual meetings and in an online library.

Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

adrienne maree brown’s book, Holding Change, offers unique insights about how to apply her movement-building strategies that use principles from nature (be fractal, adaptive, resilient, etc.) in facilitation practice. Her ideas recognize that groups of humans need to be in “right relationship” with each other to meet their potential.

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